Back in the saddle

I’m back in the saddle both literally and figuratively. I was given the OK to walk, ride my bike and swim about two weeks ago. This has enabled me to both get back on my bicycle and to feel like I can once again really dig into my work in real estate. Over the past weeks I’ve had to hand off my showings to other agents in the brokerage because I couldn’t adequately walk and serve those buyers. Now I can get out and walk some and really do what I want to do.

My first bike ride was short - about 3.5 miles, just on paved roads. It felt good but honestly not challenging enough. Two days later I roughly doubled my miles, going 6 which included some gravel roads. That felt better - I sweated and my muscles were sore afterwards. I went out again yesterday and put on two more miles. My foot is sore after each ride - I definitely have to rest it for at least a day after each ride, but then it feels fine.

I’ve been able to walk around and take photos of a new listing plus visit another one to look at progress being made prior to marketing. I was also able to do a showing on short notice myself, which felt really good. This coming week I will be out again doing some photography, visiting another upcoming listing and showing another one at the end of the week.

One highlight of this past weekend was the 90th birthday party for my cousin Joe Fashauer. It was held down in American Canyon at a nice Italian restaurant called La Strada. About 60 people were in attendance, mainly family but a few friends. One of the downsides of living that long is outliving one’s friends, something that Joe remarked upon at one point. It was fun to see all of the cousins and their kids and in some cases, grandkids. At this point, I believe Joe is the second longest lived Fashauer - with my Aunt Margaret La Vann having lived the longest that I know of, into her mid-90’s. I hope I get some of those genes too!

Anne Fashauer