Sun, Glorious Sun!

The sun has been out and it has been warm and I have been loving every minute of it. I’m sure I am not alone. I almost feel guilty about it - we’ve had such dry summers and drought that I feel like any enjoyment of anything except rain is wrong somehow. But that hasn’t stopped me from being out in the warm spring-scented air as much as possible.

I found time after work on Monday and Wednesday to get in bike rides - Monday in shorts for the first time all year. I went out again on Friday morning with my neighbor, resuming our weekly Friday morning rides and then again on Saturyday when I took my bike with me to Ukiah and trode up Low Gap Road after showing a home over there. It was truly hot in Ukiah and on that ride.

My sellers on a beautiful 40 acre property on Mountain House Road made a hefty price drop and I found myself out there several times as well. It’s a gorgeous place, with a year ‘round stream that was gushing after all the rain and such peace and quiet - except for the birds, which were so wonderful to hear.

I made a trip to Fort Bragg on Thursday to see the dentist and it was such a beautiful day to be out on the coast. I had a couple of errands after the dentist and just enjoyed how nice the world looks in the sunlight. I stopped at Holmes Ranch on my way into Boonville and took this picture:


Sunday I spent the morning working on my front yard, pruning, raking and moving things around. In the evening we attended the Anderson Valley Education Foundation dinner at the Boonville Hotel. The evening started early with passed appetizers and a chance to visit with students who had received help via the Foundation then turned to dinner inside. The evening was warm and lovely, the food and wine delicious and I heard that they raised over $20,000 for the coming year.

Anne Fashauer