Summer's Over??

I read a headline in a local newspaper that said something about the “last days of summer.” I thought “What? Already?” It feels like our summer has just begun, with the wintry rain lasting into late May and not too many really hot days yet. In fact, last Saturday was miserably hot and it finally felt like summer to me.

I’m not really a hot weather person; I get easily overheated and prefer days that don’t get much over 80 degrees. I love showing property down in Rancho Navarro and the Deep End when it gets hot; not so much Yorkville on those really hot days. On Saturday I showed two properties in the Deep End and one on Bald Hills in Rancho Navarro; even there, at 5pm, it was 90 degrees in the shade!

Technically, we are only in the middle of summer. However, with schools starting earlier and earlier (it seems) every year, summer is about over if you are a kid, a teacher or a parent of school-age kids. Back to school sales will be starting or have started (I don’t actually track that) and thoughts will turn to our Fair and the coming Holiday season.

In the meantime, I plan to enjoy the sunshine, take evening walks at 8pm , wear shorts and drink a few more gin and tonics. If the past week or so are any indication, I’ll be busy showing property as well, which is a good thing in real estate!

Anne Fashauer