Is it really September already?!

The past month has simply flown by and now it’s already September. Real estate has been slow for most of the year, with a brief pick up in June, then a slow July. But August suddenly started to pop and I found myself on the road a bunch, with showings, inspections, and meetings with clients both current and new. I put over 2,000 miles on my car in just a month, all local driving.

Some of all of that work has resulted in some sales, which is good; one has already closed and two more are on their way. I still see that prices are coming down and that the most aggressive sellers are accomplishing their goals of getting their property sold.

Besides work, I have been able to get in some bike rides and I competed in the local Caspar Classic MTB race over Labor Day weekend. I came in 3rd in my group against women at least 10 years younger than I, which felt good.

This coming weekend is the County Fair here in Boonville and I’m excited about that. I wasn’t able to get anything ready this year to enter, unfortunately. I like to enter some canned goods and some baked items but with everything hitting in August, that just didn’t happen. I’ll be looking for what you entered though!

Anne Fashauer