Easter and a short trip

When I was younger and an observant Catholic I used to love Lent and Easter as the antithesis of the consumerism of Christmas. I would always give something up for Lent. As a child this would usually be candy; one year as an adult I gave up movies, which had the unfortunate affect of lasting for the rest of my life. I still watch movies, but not with the regularity I used to. Easter itself was a wonderful break from the fasting and “giving up” of Lent, plus the celebration of spring and bunnies. It’s been a long time since I gave up anything for Lent or even felt like Ash Wednesday or Good Friday were anything more than regular days. I still enjoy Easter though.

This year I found some yummy-sounding recipes in a copy of Southern Living magazine. I decided to host a brunch for some friends and family. I spent half of Saturday and all of Sunday morning cooking; I made two quiches, a French toast casserole, huevos rancheros and a flour-less cake made of merignue and coconut cream. Friends brought Kir and sparkling wine and we enjoyed Kir Royales with the feast.

My brother hosted us for dinner. He smoked and then grilled a leg of lamb - it was perfect. Lightly smoked and tender and delicious. We had macaroni salad, rolls, green beans and a delightful fruit salad that became dessert for some of us (others had ice cream bars). All in all it was a wonderful day of food and family.

This week we are working on our office move to our new space and the following week my husband and I are taking the week off. We are heading to Cabo and a week of warmth and sun. I’ll tell you about it when we get back.

Anne FashauerComment