Coming back from vacation

Coming back from vacation is hard enough; one is relaxed and then gets slammed with all sorts of calls to return, emails to read and respond to and just the regular day to day stuff. But coming back and finding out that one of the nicest, best people in the Valley had died was really hard.

I don’t actually know when I met Steve Mize; probably some time in the early 2000’s, after I had moved back home from San Francisco and had taken over my property from the trustees. I knew him initially as someone who would get rock from my quarry and deliver it to various folks. Later, as a real estate agent and then broker, I knew Steve as the go-to guy for all things septic. I can’t number the times he saved various clients and me from what seemed impossible situations. He was also available for mowing and grading, if you could get on his schedule. Sometimes he just stopped by the office to chat.

I saw more of Steve after he lost Sharon. He asked me to list her house for sale and we would have discussions about that - questions potential buyers asked or information he knew and imparted to me. Even now I have questions I think I’m going to ask him, only to realize that I can’t.

Steve was big, warm, quiet and sound. He will be truly missed by everyone.

I will note quickly that we had a lovely trip to Cabo; we did nothing. We ate, relaxed by the pool, napped, ate, drank and napped some more. It was just what we both needed.

We are on our way to being in our new offices. There’s been a couple of snags with phones and internet, but that should be resolved this week and we will be able to set up shop at the Live Oak property. Until then, if you need one of us, just try our mobile numbers or our website.

Anne FashauerComment