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Views from my newest listing

Views from my newest listing

I haven’t been able to write much since I came back from the trip to Cabo. It was Pinot Fest, then I caught the bad cold that’s going around and then we had some family health emergencies to deal with. But things have settled down a bit.

In the week after I returned I was able to move my office to the Live Oak property. We’re in a little space, just big enough for Jimmy and I and some file cabinets. It’s cozy but I really love it. I look out at a tree and blue skies as opposed to looking at the side of a house. I’m planning on fixing up another, larger building on the property and moving into that down the road.

Pinot Fest was wet. We had something around 5-6 inches of rain over that weekend. I was surprised that the turn out was as good as it was; the folks putting it on were able to respond pretty quickly with tents and shoe covers and even some ponchos for attendees. It was also cold - hard to believe it was late May. The following day was better weather for the open houses. I helped my husband with his tasting room, Witching Stick, and he had his best sales day ever. I heard that other tasting rooms experienced the same thing - a very positive thing for our Valley economics.

I hope you haven’t had the cold I’m talking about. Starts with a sore throat then moves to the lungs? To make it worse, I am now fighting a sinus infection. Lots of decongestants and neti pots! It kept me off my bicycle after the rains let up and I’m still not feeling strong enough.

All in the family are doing OK now. My mother-in-law had emergency surgery but it back home. We had a couple of runs up to Cottonwood (near Redding) over the long weekend and the week after. This past weekend we attended the baby shower for my soon-to-come granddaughter. It was fun to see all the various grandparents running around getting things set up. I eventually decided there were too many people in the kitchen and headed outside to tend to drinks.

With the good weather things are warming up with showings in the Valley. My phone keeps ringing and that’s a good thing. I have a beautiful new listing just outside Boonville. Check it out on our site. I’m just so happy the sun is shining again.

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