Small communities are the best

A panoramic view of the memorial for Steve Mize.

A panoramic view of the memorial for Steve Mize.

I’m biased when I say that small communities are the best since I live in one and it’s one of the best. I attended the memorial for Steve Mize on Sunday and there were lots and lots of people there. As Kathy Borst said, for every one person in attendance at least three others couldn’t make it.

Our community is wonderful when it comes to pulling off an event such as this. Friends arranged for food and drink, requests for sides and desserts were asked of guests based on where their name fell in the alphabet, tables and chairs were arranged. There were flowers and plants all over. There was a guest book, a notebook to leave a message, a chance to leave a video note for Steve’s kids. Someone even arranged to have Steve’s dump truck and backhoe brought in to serve as a back drop to the setting. It takes a small army to do this type of event and this community excels at it.

The setting was the Fairground’s grove of tall trees, redwoods and firs, behind the main buildings. It was nice and shady and comfortable back there, though the day itself was quite hot. There were family and friends who spoke, telling of Steve’s impact on each of their lives. Many stories involved “dirt.” Steve was the foundation in many ways of many people in this community. He built roads, home sites, foundations, dug animal graves (large and small) and built many, many septic systems. Steve loved a challenge, had a wry sense of humor and provided a quiet, wise presence for many of us.

It’s painful to lose a member of such a community. But what makes a community is that we get to know each other and it does touch us when such a person is lost to us. I’m so happy to call this place home.

Anne Fashauer1 Comment